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Discover the Cowboy Hat Trend

Nashville and the USA have long embraced the timeless style of cowboy hats. These iconic accessories have become a symbol of rugged individualism and classic American fashion.

Why Planet Cowboy
Stands Out

At Planet Cowboy, we are passionate about preserving the tradition of handmade western hats. We craft our hats from high-quality wool, fur felt, leather and straw to ensure durability and style.

Your Hat

Besides our off the rack hats, we offer a wide range of adornments for your western hat, including ribbons, buckle sets, feathers, conchos, and the option to have custom wording burned into your very own hat.

Planet Cowboy

Explore our signature collection featuring outer-space and pinup including Rocket Girl, Saturn Girl, Moon Girl, Honeygirl, UFO Girl, Bullriding Girl, and of course the Broncin’ Cowboy.  The Pin-ups are showcased in pins, patches, and branded details. Stand out with a Nashville hat that's as unique as you are!

Hat Care

Maintaining your cowboy hat is essential, and we've got you covered. By appointment (or chance), our professional hat shapers are available to reshape and clean your hats, ensuring they always look their best.

Create Your Signature Hat

Ready to create your own signature Planet Cowboy hat? Schedule an appointment today at our 12 South location and embark on a journey to design a hat that reflects your individuality and the spirit of the Wild West.


Also check out the our up coming Hat Bar Events at the link below.

Thinking that your private or corporate event in Nashville would be a splash with a Hat Bar? We offer events for up to 25 people at our shop at 12 South, or we can come to you!