Thanks, Dads!

Thanks, Dads!

    What does the word Dad mean? Someone who always stands by you. Someone who guides you through the most important times in life. Even when he drives us crazy, our dads are always there when we need them most.

    Father’s day is coming up and we want to thank all the great dads and father figures out there!

    Being a Dad comes with great responsibility. He is strong and dependable, and your friend when others are not.

    Father figures also come in many different forms and times in your life. Maybe you have a grandfather who has always been there for you? I bet he has some great stories. Do any include a story about a farm, or some cowboy boots he walked miles in each way to get to school everyday? Maybe he has a pair in his closet from the 80s when cowboy boots were the hottest look in town! Maybe there’s a really cool inlay handmade pair of boots that you hope he’ll pass along to you, that his dad passed down to him.

    Would it be nice for him to have another go-to western boot as a reminder of how much you appreciate him?

    Why not buy him a brand new pair of cowboy boots from Planet Cowboy that he can give to you and you can pass down to your kids one day!

    Give dad or the father figure in your life a new pair of cowboy boots for father’s day. They deserve it!

    If you're local to Nashville, come on down to our western store, Planet Cowboy, on 12 South across from Whites Mercantile and Epice Restaurant. Bring the family, try on some boots and head next door to our neighbors Frycream and end your day with a perfect ice cream swirl. It's the ultimate Father’s Day event!

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June 15, 2021


It may be our First year in Nashville
…but it’s the 80th Running of the Iroquois Steeplechase.

Saturday, June 26, 2021
Order your boots or hats online, or give us a call at (615) 739-5789 prior to race day and we can have your purchases at our tent ready for you the day of the race to pick up at your convenience!

Come check us out! We will have boots, hats, t-shirts, bolo ties and fun temporary rocket girl tattoos. We’ve got you covered, so if your feet start to hurt the day of the event, we’ll have a few for you to buy on the spot. If you order a pair of boots the day of the event we'll ship them to you the following week. 


       The Iroquois Steeplechase event is held in Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning in 1941, with one year off during World War II, the race has been run continuously at Percy Warner Park on a course inspired by Marcellus Frost and designed by William duPont. The Queens Cup Steeplechase is held annually on the last Saturday of April at Brooklandwood, a farm and estate in Mineral Springs, North Carolina, about 20 miles (32 km) from Charlotte. The Breeders' Cup Grand National Steeplechase (formerly known as the American Grand National) is held each October at the Far Hills Races in Far Hills, New Jersey and draws about 50,000 spectators for a single day race-meet. It is the richest event in American steeplechasing with a purse of $500,000. During the 1940s and 50s, the Broad Hollow Steeplechase Handicap, the Brook National Steeplechase Handicap and the American Grand National were regarded as American steeplechasing's Triple Crown.Kentucky Downs near Franklin, Kentucky (original Dueling Grounds Race Course) was built in 1990 as a steeplechase track, with a kidney-shaped turf circuit. At its inception, the track offered some of the richest purses in the history of American steeplechase including a $750,000 race. The track has undergone numerous ownership changes, with steeplechase races playing an on-and-off role (mainly off) in the track's limited live race meets.

    Ever since Steeplechase came to Nashville in 1941, families have passed down box & stadium seats from generation to generation. Some have even been fought over during divorces and will readings. On the Hillside of the event, people will tailgate, bring their own grills and pop up for the day! There are so many sides to the Steeplechase event. You’ll just have to be there to experience it first-hand.

    In addition, their organization supports other deserving non-profits and charities, such as Friends of Warner Parks. The VSHF pays special attention to the preservation of the Percy Warner Park grounds, and all improvements to the Iroquois Steeplechase grounds are paid for by the foundation from race proceeds.

    Just like the Kentucky Derby, everyone dresses up. Men wear wild colored suits. Woman wear their Sundays best and fancy hats!

    A steeplechase, also known as “Jump Racing”, is a horse race over fences combining the raw power of the flat racing Thoroughbred with the precision and impulsion of high speed cross country jumping, creating a sport that is both thrilling and exciting to watch to fans and the uninitiated the world over.


  • Did you know a horse lover created the official painting for this 75th year anniversary of the race? It will be sold during the online auction.
  • The race started 7 decades ago in 1941 and is still considered Nashville’s rites of spring.
  • The Iroquois has had a cross- Atlantic rivalry throughout its history
  • This year a winning horse could earn more than $850,000 by crossing the finishing line first in both races, considering their individual purses and the Brown Advisory Cheltenham Iroquois Challenge.
  • The thoroughbred horses in the race are all 4 years old or older.
  • Box seats are already sold out for 2016 Steeplechase
  • The Steeplechase is named after the winner of the first race—Iroquois, the first American-bred thoroughbred to win the prestigious British Epsom Derby . A confidant of FDR, as in former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, helped start the race.





June 14, 2021
Nashville Lifestyles: Where to Find the Best Country Kicks in Town

Nashville Lifestyles: Where to Find the Best Country Kicks in Town

Where to Find the Best Country Kicks in Town

   We couldn’t be more excited to be featured alongside a few other Nashville boot shops (Tecovas, Music City Leather, and Ariat Nashville) in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.

   Owner Jaylin Ramer sat down to chat boots with Margaret Littman to chat about the origins of Planet Cowboy, covering everything from her first ever pair of red boots at age 12, to the big move from New York City to Nashville.

   Check out the article here, and make to sure to stop in our Nashville Flagship store for the best cowboy boots in town!

May 03, 2021
Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl...

Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl...

Our Rhinestone Cowgirl boots are comfortable, classic, and add a little sparkle and rock n roll to every outfit and occasion. We are lucky to have a couple real-life Rhinestone Cowgirls...
March 30, 2021
Let's Talk Irish Cowboys...

Let's Talk Irish Cowboys...

Did you know that the first Irish footprints in the wild west date back to the 1800’s? In the early days of fur trade, a Mountain man was the original version of a Cowboy...
March 10, 2021
A New Beginning in Nashville!

A New Beginning in Nashville!

It is hard to believe we are approaching the year anniversary of Coronavirus taking over the country. This past year, everyone has experienced many highs and lows, and a significant amount of change...
March 08, 2021
Wet Winter Cowboy Boot Care: What to do about those salt stains on your cowboy boots?

Wet Winter Cowboy Boot Care: What to do about those salt stains on your cowboy boots?

Sidewalk salt is a real thorn in the hide of any cowboy boot lover.  I get “what do I do with salt on my leather boots” during the winter months from my customers up North...
January 21, 2021
Wet Winter Cowboy Boot Care Tips

Wet Winter Cowboy Boot Care Tips

 Lately people have been asking me how to care for their handmade leather boots during winter snow, ice and rain.  Oftentimes, people think that you can’t wear cowboy boots in snow or avoid the rain, etc. but, they are forgetting that leather is a very durable material...
December 28, 2020
Vamoose Australia

Vamoose Australia

What a big OOOH AAAHHH feeling to see our lil ‘ol Planet Cowboy handmade boots all around the world!  Our quality boots have moseyed on down under from my post here on 12 South in Nashville USA, all the way to the South West coast of Australia to a wonderful Vintage cowboy boots boutique called Vamoose...
December 09, 2020
Nashville's Latest Woman-Owned Business Hits It-Neighborhood, 12 South

Nashville's Latest Woman-Owned Business Hits It-Neighborhood, 12 South

I am thrilled to be featured in StyleBlueprint Magazine in Nashville this week! It has been an arduous yet fulfilling adventure moving my little western shop from Soho, NYC to 12 S. Nashville, TN...
November 17, 2020
Field Trip Series | Planet Cowboy Goes to...Idaho

Field Trip Series | Planet Cowboy Goes to...Idaho

You read that right...Planet Cowboy took a field trip all the way out to Idaho. Apparently, Idaho is beautiful. We didn't realize this until we sent our photographer back to her hometown of Moscow with some of our favorite boots and hats to shoot and play around with...
October 15, 2020
Gitty Up! Try Our Comfortable Pin-up Girl T-Shirts

Gitty Up! Try Our Comfortable Pin-up Girl T-Shirts

Since the incarnation of our first store, Space Cowboy in New York City, we have always had pin-ups as part of our brand and vibe! Rocketgirl, UFO Girl, and the one and only Bronchin' Cowboy made their debut in 2011, followed by The Gun, Surfergirl, Honey Girl (our late mascot), and Moon Girl...
August 24, 2020