Field Trip Series | Planet Cowboy Goes to...Idaho
   You read that right...Planet Cowboy took a field trip all the way out to Idaho. Apparently, Idaho is beautiful. We didn't realize this until we sent our photographer back to her hometown of Moscow with some of our favorite boots and hats to shoot and play around with. 

   We love it when a creative idea takes flight and falls right into place. About a month ago, our marketing studio teamed up with local Nashville Art Director and Photographer, Alaina Mullin, to plan some creative shots as she made her way back to her hometown out west. Alaina's creativity surpassed our expectations when she hired a couple of her beautiful friends to model with the world's most stunning horse and a sick airstream to complete the look. 

   Everything just fell into place as one of the model's friend's owned a beautiful, vast farm with horses just running around (this horse, in particular, seemed to love our boots just as much as we do...). 

   Alaina's sister, Claire, stepped in front of the camera for some funky shots, along with her med-school boyfriend who is in school in Seattle. The variety of small-town creatives, and city folk braving med school in the time of 'Rona 19, really speaks to us a brand. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or where you're going -- Planet Cowboy boots are for everyone. From NYC, to Nashville, to... Idaho. 
Stay tuned for our next Field Trip Series!


Stonewashed Raven        Berland
Premium Silver Belly Fur Felt Hat  Premium Buckskin Fur Felt Hat  Bangora Black Straw Hat
October 15, 2020