We are so thrilled that our Planet Cowboy boots have a presence in downtown Nashville at Keep Shop in the lobby of the Noelle Hotel on 4th Avenue North.

Daisy from Keep Shop asked if we would like to be featured back in August for a trial run, and we couldn't wait to be a part of downtown, having our boots in a location that is walkable to the honky tonk scene. Months later, we’re still there! Shop a curated selection of Planet Cowboy’s Psychedelic Collection, Rose Boot Collection, and Classic Cowgirl Collection.

This month, due to its success, we were invited to participate in a collaborative event featuring internationally renowned Stetson Hats, along with our local Planet Cowboy brand. We were so excited, of course, to do an event with Stetson and to highlight the Western Wears of Nashville locally and internationally! Who doesn’t think of Stetson when you hear cowboy hats? One day maybe people will think Planet Cowboy when they think of cowboy boots. Until then, founder Jaylin Ramer keeps coming up with inventive new designs to showcase Planet Cowboy’s adventurous colorways and traditionally made boots. 

On Friday, November 4th, 20022 Keep Shop brought together Stetson, Planet Cowboy, Olena Noelle (who paints and embellishes beautiful vintage leather jackets) and musician Sacha together. It was a smash, and we are SO deeply honored to be a part of this collaboration. 

Photos by Steve Visneau Photography


November 28, 2022