Let's Talk Irish Cowboys...

   Did you know that the first Irish footprints in the wild west date back to the 1800’s? In the early days of fur trade, a Mountain man was the original version of a Cowboy. They were most likely found residing in the North American Rocky Mountains. New Mexico was home to some of the original and most significant Mountain men-turned-cowboys. Four of the most notable Irish Cowboys include...

   Thomas FitzPatrick was one of the original mountain men. He arrived in the US in 1810. Later, he joined a fur trading expedition in 1823 and learned the ins and outs of the frontier, paving the way for the Cowboys that would follow.  

   Lincoln County War (1878) took place in Lincoln County, New Mexico where there was a large population of Irish cowboys and Outlaws. The war began over a general store monopoly between Englishman John Tunstall and Irishmen Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan. These two were strongly disliked in the county by competing businesses. Dolan murdered one of their employees but was acquitted of the crime (luck of the Irish?). It is safe to say the Irish won this battle, as James Dolan later purchased multiple properties previously owned by John Tunstall. 

   Last, but most certainly not least, Billy the Kid. He achieved great fame in his short life. He is the most notable Irish Cowboy by far. Billy the Kid was the son of Irish immigrants and born in New York. He was orphaned at the age of 15, and after his first arrest at age 16- he fled out West. He was well known for his spree of killings before he was murdered at age 21. He was an outlaw, and though he was Irish, he did not get very lucky. 


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March 10, 2021