Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl...
Our Rhinestone Cowgirl boots are a lightning white with a touch of bling. They're comfortable, classic, and add a little sparkle and rock n roll to every outfit and occasion!

We are lucky to have a couple real-life Rhinestone Cowgirls  we are excited to feature this week. They continue to make us smile, and have taken their boots worldwide.
Sofia Gerrato (@sofgerrato) is based in New York. Her entire instagram feed is perfectly curated, and we are lucky to be featured in her incredibly chic posts.

It’s like they were my glass slippers and my feet were meant for these boots...They have been my go to boot. They have worked with every single outfit I try on with them. My favorite way to style them recently is tucking them into a pair of jeans.” 

“I am always looking for pieces in my wardrobe to stand out. To be funky and unique. I love having bright, broad, wow factors to my outfits and I love mixing them together as well. I found them in a store, the last pair, in my was meant to be.” …. And they lived happily ever after!


Jessica Long (@jessilynnlong) has recently been sporting her boots in Scotland. She looks effortlessly cool, pairing her boots with ripped jeans and an oversized cardigan. 

“I love the Rhinestone Cowgirl boots because they add an unexpected element to so many outfits! I like the sprinkling of rhinestones and stitch pattern on the toe!"

"They are crazy comfortable. I can wear them all day!”

March 30, 2021