Mix & Match Python Boots!

This collection for men was inspired by the styles of the old Acme boots from the 1950s and 60s!

   Back then, peacocking for the gents was familiar and admired. Between the Rhinestone Cowboy amd Elvis, the sexy low shirts, shiny fabrics and bling on their outfits were cool and copied.

   This season Planet Cowboy’s nostalgic white pythons and colorful shafts will give the men a retro swagger and sway to turn the heads of all ladies and gents alike!

   Here is a display of five colorways and five toe shapes. We can mix and match whichever you desire in form and color! And, because it’s such a classic look and handmade in Texas with the best materials, it’s a boot to treasure and walk in for many years to come...and we can make it for the gals too!

Please contact us for the handful in stock that are readily available, or to customize your own distinguished pair! 

April 14, 2022