Roper Roundup with CJ Cook

CJ, where did your obsession with cowboy boots come from? 
Old western movies and old photos of ranchers ignite this obsession of mine. I have always loved the silhouette of a western boot. One of my favorite things is to see a beautifully worn pair of boots. I know they mean the world to that person wearing them. Those boots they are wearing have a great story.  

Tell me about your first pair of boots?
I had a brown pair of cowboy boots as a kid. My mom bought them in New Mexico where we lived for a spell. As an adult, my first pair of western boots were the Lucchese Ropers in Olive suede. 

Do you ever wear anything other than Ropers?
The only time I am not in ropers is when I am on set or wearing a specific shoe for an audition. 

What has compelled you to share your boot love with the world? 
There are TOP bootmakers in the U.S. who are making absolutely stunning boots by hand which will last many, many years. I love sharing my love for boots simply because I think people have become too casual. I see cheaply made sneakers everywhere. When I travel, I see men wearing slides/flipflops at the airport. A pair of pull-on western boots are just as easy to get on and off and will have you looking first class. 

Which colors do you have left to make?
I really want to make a pair of hair-on western boots. If I could I would make a new boot every week...No exaggeration. I LOVE boots! 

How many pairs of boots do you own? 
I have 100 pairs of western and work boots combined. I have sold many of my work boots. I prefer to wear a pull-on boot. It seems unfair to have so many boots just sitting in a closet at this point.

Which is your favorite pair? 
I have so many favorites...Oh man!
Here are my top 5:
1) CJ Blues (Rios of Mercedes x Planet Cowboy collab) A dream come true to have a boot in my name. The navy leather is scrumptious
4) Turquoise custom Planet Cowboy boots (These are showstoppers 100%)
5) Chestnut custom Planet Cowboy boots
Where can we find out more about your ideas and discussions around boots? 
I have a YouTube channel (CJ Cook) and you can see all my boots and how I style them! You could also see my boots on my Instagram @givecjaminute.
June 23, 2022