Thanks, Dads!

    What does the word Dad mean? Someone who always stands by you. Someone who guides you through the most important times in life. Even when he drives us crazy, our dads are always there when we need them most.

    Father’s day is coming up and we want to thank all the great dads and father figures out there!

    Being a Dad comes with great responsibility. He is strong and dependable, and your friend when others are not.

    Father figures also come in many different forms and times in your life. Maybe you have a grandfather who has always been there for you? I bet he has some great stories. Do any include a story about a farm, or some cowboy boots he walked miles in each way to get to school everyday? Maybe he has a pair in his closet from the 80s when cowboy boots were the hottest look in town! Maybe there’s a really cool inlay handmade pair of boots that you hope he’ll pass along to you, that his dad passed down to him.

    Would it be nice for him to have another go-to western boot as a reminder of how much you appreciate him?

    Why not buy him a brand new pair of cowboy boots from Planet Cowboy that he can give to you and you can pass down to your kids one day!

    Give dad or the father figure in your life a new pair of cowboy boots for father’s day. They deserve it!

    If you're local to Nashville, come on down to our western store, Planet Cowboy, on 12 South across from Whites Mercantile and Epice Restaurant. Bring the family, try on some boots and head next door to our neighbors Frycream and end your day with a perfect ice cream swirl. It's the ultimate Father’s Day event!

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June 15, 2021