Vamoose Australia

   What a big OOOH AAAHHH feeling to see our lil ‘ol Planet Cowboy handmade boots all around the world!  Our quality boots have moseyed on down under from my post here on 12 South in Nashville USA, all the way to the South West coast of Australia to a wonderful Vintage cowboy boots boutique called Vamoose...

   There you will find a small selection of our Planet Cowboy boots like our sweet Pinky Tuscadero boots in suede, which are the most comfortable and versatile boots for everyday wear.  Vamoose also features some of our signature Psychedelic Collection such as The Beave and our Sissy L’Orange.

   We are proud to be featured in Vamoose’s hip little vintage @vamoosecowboyboots– Check them out and show your support! As always we appreciate that you all take the time to shop small whether you are in your local area or traveling on the other side of the Planet, especially during this Holiday shopping season. 

Vamoose Cowboy Boots

In store @thereborncodeproject

December 09, 2020
Tags: shop local