Sidewalk salt is a real thorn in the hide of any cowboy boot lover.  I get “what do I do with salt on my leather boots” during the winter months from my customers up North. It is a good question because not only do salt stains on leather look bad--if left untreated the salt may eat away at the leather boots over time, causing it to crack, peel and be permanently ruined.  Luckily we know of a handy little trick that will keep your handmade leather cowboy boots nice and fresh looking for many years!

   Mix one parts water with one part distilled
 vinegar in a cup and then use it to dampen a clean cloth. Cover the salt stain and leather section of that boot fully for an even look. (You may even want to cover the other cowboy boots as well to maintain evenness of the leather tone and color.)  Now, let your cowboy boots dry out completely overnight.  A very important note:  Do not keep your boots next to any direct heat source like a radiator or fireplace-this can especially cause cracking and dryness of the leather.  Let your cowboy boots dry naturally in the air.

   Unless your boots are suede or nu-buck boots, go ahead and condition them with Blackrock Leather 'N' Rich conditioner.  For nu-buck or suede boots no leather conditioner is recommended at all, it will change the leather finish and ruin your boots suede look entirely.  We recommend a suede brush or even old hard toothbrush will do to fluff up the leather and bring it back to life. 

   Finally, go ahead and apply mink oil to the sole, heel to protect it from moisture.

   Got any more questions about this, or other winter weather boot care concerns? Feel free to reach out to us through the link at the bottom right hand corner!

January 21, 2021